Honoring our Veterans

on both Veteran's and Memorial Day is a semi-annual proud service we perform (we also march in the parades)

Adventure on the Highest Peaks

- like an overnight backpacking trip up Mt. Washington


beyond what you think is possible doing indoor or outdoor climbing


for both God and our environment

Adventures on the water

- like on the Kenebeck River in Maine

Historical Adventures

-like an overnight on the USS Massachusettes

Mentoring each other


as boys lead boys (with adult supervision) to do cool new things

Team & Scout Spirit

between the 22 boys in our troop make things fun and exciting

Where and when do we meet?

Answer: 7:00 PM Thursday Evenings @ 777 West Hollis Street Nashua NH

Shooting Sports

(rifle, shotgun, bow & arrow) are offered at summer camp

Outdoor Adventure

- introduction backpacking trips for newbies

Camping Adventure