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We meet 7pm thurdays 777 West Hollis Street - Nashua NH

We meet 7pm thurdays 777 West Hollis Street

Backpacking overnights

Mt. Washington Backpacking Trip

Reach beyond what you think is possible

Rock Climbing

Reverence for both God and our Environment

Duty To God

Whitewater rafting adventures

Whitewater Rafting in Maine

USS Massachusettes Overnights

USS Massachusettes Overnight

Older scouts mentor younger

Older scouts mentor the younger scouts

Boys lead the adventures (with adult support)


We have 22 boys who love it at Troop 272

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports are offered at summer camp

Train younger scouts on outdoor basics

Smaller trips introduce backpacking

We go camping once a month year-round

We camp at least once a month

We climb and camp in winter too!